Welcome to the Buildings Exhibit, which shows the state of our schoolhouses and facilities. This exhibit displays the capacity and overcrowding level of each school across the District, the repairs that are needed, information on repair work recently completed, upcoming projects, and more. The information is viewable both by individual school and District-wide.

Both the capacity information and needed repairs include current conditions as well as year-by-year projections for the next ten years.

Capacity and Overcrowding

View the number of students, classes, classrooms, and other spaces (including portable classrooms), including 10-year growth and overcrowding projections. For more information on overcrowding visit WCSD's Overcrowding Page
Repairs and Conditions

View the physical state of our buildings, including repair and renovations needs, and completed and upcoming projects. See pictures and descriptions of the most pressing needs, bids on past projects, and projections of our future repair needs.